V4.0.998-136 where are the mac install?

I can’t locate the DMG install package for mac OS, can someone point me at the correct download page?

thanks - rob

Unfortunately there is no actual DMG. You can use the last DMG available at

Was looking for the latest, that is the version I have installed. Are they just not supporting mac anymore? Also I tried to build the software on my Mac and it fails to compile with a NPM error.

At the moment, the project doesn’t have anybody who can compile mac versions, but there was only minor changes since the last DMG.

The process for compiling the installer is quite complicated, you can’t just compile the LaserWeb project. The executable is made from the electron branch of the backend (lw.comm-server).

I can add someone to the maintainer crew if anybody is willing to step into this task!

Do you have the steps for setting up a development environment documented somewhere? I have kicked around the idea of building a custom laser operation for a while.

There is a “how to contribute” wiki page with some information:

This is the basic process:

  1. Clone the dev-es6 branch of LaserWeb4 (frontend) from https://github.com/LaserWeb/LaserWeb4 to a folder called LaserWeb4.
  2. cd into the LaserWeb4 folder and run npm install.
  3. run ‘npm run start-app’ (-> this creates a webpack of the frontend and starts a browser).

If it worked you need to get the backend:

  1. Clone the master branch of lw.comm-server (backend) from https://github.com/LaserWeb/lw.comm-server to a folder called lw.comm-server (parallel to the LaserWeb4 folder).
  2. cd into the lw.comm-server folder.
  3. run npm install.
  4. run node server.js to start the server.

Now you should be able to connect the server from the frontend via localhost:8000.

To bulid an installer you need to checkout the electron_bundler branch of lw.comm-server. If you made changes in the master branch, you need to merge them to the electron_bundler branch. After that you should just need to run the corresponding build command (see package.json scripts). For example npm run distwinx64 to generate the Windows x64 installer (in folder dist).

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