Using the printer to make other machines more awesome.

(Joe Spanier) #1

Using the printer to make other machines more awesome. Yes!

(Chris “Bigpaws” Chamberlain) #2

That IS part of the Joy of Having built a 3D printer, Making MORE PRINTERS!
Then with 3 printers, I built 75% of INVOOV
the Humanoid robot.

(Brian Dowling) #3

Cool! Is that chute for the glass balls that don’t pass the golden egg etching test? (eg Go pop :wink:

(Brandon Satterfield) #4

Dude! That is crazy skill!!! 4th axis… What are you using to create your GCode?

(Joe Spanier) #5

Im using the AWC708 laser controller from lightobject and LaserCad. Its using the Y axis output and some software options. I hate to downplay your complement, because I like those, but there wasnt much to this one. Im making a video on it now.

(Brandon Satterfield) #6

Well sir, it is beautiful work either way!

(Wes Makes Stuff) #7

What laser design have you built? I’m thinking about building one but am having trouble finding info. Especially on what board to use and stuff.

(Joe Spanier) #8

Its my own design. Used v slot for linear motion and all that. I might post it at some point. It’s a lot bigger then most people would want to build though