Using the camera feature I Lightburn


While looking for upgraded board options I came across some lightburn videos that show how to calibrate a webcam inside your k40 that can be used for positioning. Its the first I’ve seen or heard of this and I wonder how legit it is. I dont see or hear anyone mentioning it here. Sees like something that would be incredibly useful.

Anyone using a camera?

(Ned Hill) #2

I know a number of people, like @funinthefalls, have a camera with lightburn and it’s definitely legit once you get it calibrated. If you get lightburn it does have it’s own discourse support forum.

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(Anthony Bolgar) #3

Once the camera is calibrated correctly you can get positioning accuracy to 0.1mm It is great for using scraps of material, easy to place your objects to fit on the scrap pieces, or for engraving things like cell phone covers or even the phone itself.

(Anthony Bolgar) #4

Here is a quick demo of the camera in action:

(0.45 NACL) #5

I have a camera for my LightBurn set up but have yet to mount it.

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(Stephane BUISSON) #6

This option exist within Visicut for years, the limits are the definitions of the webcam and also Light burn say the exact cam positioning.
I didn’t try it myself, because my computer is far away and I connect to my K40 with ethernet.
But the interaction software on the “laser bed” for positioning is a great feature.
Visicut positioning 2013