Using laser printer toner to color 3d prints?

Using laser printer toner to color 3d prints?

I bought a toner refill for my color laser printer, and it died not long after when a solenoid-activated clutch failed.

Has anyone tried to use toner to color prints? I have quite a bit, and I hate to just throw it away.

The problem is mixing it with the plastic. so far I don’t think anyone has come up with a hotend that will enable efficient mixing of plastic and toner or even plastic and plastic.
what’s the melting point of toner anyway?

@Jonathan_se5a_Sorens According to Wikipedia, trying to wash toner off with warm water will cause it to soften and adhere to skin - so the melting point must be very low.

I wonder if it would decompose before the PLA/ABS reached working temperature. I didn’t see melt point figures on Wikipedia for the various binders, and even if the binder didn’t decompose the dye might.