Using a 4mm brim and really making sure I rubbed in the blue tape.

Using a 4mm brim and really making sure I rubbed in the blue tape. I successfully made 2 150mm wide prints without any warping.

I have also been playing around with the infill settings so I can speed things up a bit. Using a 35% infill I noticed a lot of breaking up of the infil on the interior of the print. Slowing the print speed on the infill helped some. It was set to 80mm/s I changed it to 65mm/s. I am using .25 layer height on .50 nozzle with 1.75mm filament. Is it normal for the infill to break up some on small layer heights?

Got any pics of the brim and the part on the bed? I often get infill misbhaving when slicing at < 0.3mm. When that happens I will slow the print down and it soon settles down and behaves

My intentions were to upload some photos last night. I’ll try to upload some tonight.

Infill misbehaving is almost always a sign of mis-calibrated E steps/mm or failing to plug the correct filament diameter into the slicing software (you have to actually measure it at a few points with a caliper; don’t trust the factory specs).

In slic3r you can crank up the first layer % to lay down a nice thick base. That’s my secret for using <0.30mm layer heights with 0.50 mm nozzle.

Also clean your tape with acetone or nail polish remover before each print.

Increasing heat lowers viscosity, letting you print faster, but of course causing problems elsewhere.

Do check your e-steps, it’s worth re-checking as the machine wears in and your extruder tension stabilizes.