USBcopiers has ABS 1.75 for $31.

USBcopiers has ABS 1.75 for $31. Has anyone ordered there before and know if it’s any good? Or if not, suggest a good retailer!

I’ve got a buddy at my hackerspace that just ordered from there - I’ll give you a shout if I find out anything about it.

I’m making an educated guess that it’s chinese filament, probably the same source as

sighs - nowadays it is so hard to find a good source of Filament. Waiting for Pellet Drives so i can go to the shredder folks themselves

Nah - PLA? Age Now, ABS on the other hand…

Nylon? Taulman.


For PLA, Diamond Age ( and Faberdashery seem to be the only options. Everything else is utter garbage (in the US, the others all come from Village Plastics). There are a couple of people who have been coming into our shop who are considering getting into filament manufacturing and seem to be doing the research and be willing to spend the money to do it right, so there’s a chance we’ll actually get some decent PLA filament made in the US soon (rather than shipping raw PLA all the way to NZ just to be colored and extruded the right way before being shipped back).

For ABS, Protoparadigm is my go-to for reliable filament. Afina’s “premium” line (from pp3dp) seems to be good quality and comes in much nicer colors, though I hate to support a closed-source vendor. I have yet to see any other reliable ABS from china, and several of the US suppliers are even worse. There are several others worth testing, but I haven’t had time recently.

Oh, and faberdashery PLA can be bought in the US from, though they seem to only have the 1.75mm rainbow pack so far.

I just ordered a crap-ton of Diamond Age ( PLA since I was told it was some the finest PLA quality made by a lot of great operators. I hope so! seems to be having problems with their site at the moment so can’t price it. I needed 3mm anyways. I like @UltiMachine for ABS and PLA too. I’ve had great prints with it.

@Luis_E_Rodriguez you’ll never go back. Just remember to lower your temperatures to the 170-190C range that PLA is actually SUPPOSED to extrude in.

Oh good to know @Whosa_whatsis It JUST came in.