US Source for Rosahl electronic dehumidifiers?

Does anyone have a US-based source for these parts? I’d love to do a better job of keeping filament dry. These look interesting. But cross-the-ocean shipping for onesies is often discouraging.

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Not sure which one you are referring to but here is a quick Amazon Search

Sorry, no. This is a very different design from anything on Amazon. It’s a very specific part. It basically actively moves humidity from one side to the other, and so would be installed in the side of a dry box and then you would never need chemical drying agents or silica gel.

Not Rosahl. But they do have membraine dehumidifers. Permselect located in Michigan

Thanks! It looks like those are gas-driven, either positive gas supply or vacuum, whereas Rosahl have electrically-driven membrane dehumidifiers. Electric membrane dehumidifiers seem to me probably a better choice for a hobbyist.

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That’s actually a pretty nifty bit of tech. They are using electrolysis to break down the water and transporting the resulting hydrogen ions across the membrane, sort of like a fuel cell, and then reducing the H+ ions back to water with atmospheric O2.

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