US Source for Rosahl electronic dehumidifiers?

(Michael K Johnson) #1

Does anyone have a US-based source for these parts? I’d love to do a better job of keeping filament dry. These look interesting. But cross-the-ocean shipping for onesies is often discouraging.

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(0.45 NACL) #2

Not sure which one you are referring to but here is a quick Amazon Search

(Michael K Johnson) #3

Sorry, no. This is a very different design from anything on Amazon. It’s a very specific part. It basically actively moves humidity from one side to the other, and so would be installed in the side of a dry box and then you would never need chemical drying agents or silica gel.

(Matt Barth) #4

Not Rosahl. But they do have membraine dehumidifers. Permselect located in Michigan

(Michael K Johnson) #5

Thanks! It looks like those are gas-driven, either positive gas supply or vacuum, whereas Rosahl have electrically-driven membrane dehumidifiers. Electric membrane dehumidifiers seem to me probably a better choice for a hobbyist.

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(Ned Hill) #6

That’s actually a pretty nifty bit of tech. They are using electrolysis to break down the water and transporting the resulting hydrogen ions across the membrane, sort of like a fuel cell, and then reducing the H+ ions back to water with atmospheric O2.

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