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Hi everyone, I just joined the forum as I recently purchased a vigotec laser engraver and have much to learn. I have a real puzzling problem that I can’t figure. I tried a burning a logo jpg a friend sent me, it flipped two parts of the image upside down. On letter and one symbol. The rest is upright. I sent the image to my printer and everything prints out perfectly, just the laser doesn’t. I’m using the software that came with it. Anyone ever have an issue like this ???

Welcome to the forum JPOP.

Could you supply more information? Pictures, files, software being used would help the community give you assistance.

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Here is the correct printed jpg

The “J” and the flag is upside down in the engraved piece shown here. The software used is the Vigo works V3.0 which comes with the engraver. Hope this info helps.

Hope I posted this in the right place. Very new to the forum.

The software might be seeing the two colors as two different layers Somewhere it’s telling it that the red layer should be inverted. I would try to convert the image to black and white and then send it to the laser.

Isn’t the whole thing inverted ? Or am I losing the plot…


It sure looks to me like the whole thing is upside-down. This is how you would engrave the back side of clear acrylic; I wonder if there’s a setting to invert that.

That said, it looks like a lot of people are ignoring the hacked version of grbl that vigotech ships on it, replacing it with upstream grbl in order to use one of the open source gcode solutions like laserweb, visicut, etc. or with lightburn, rather than the vigo works software they send.

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But it doesn’t make sense that the “C” is correct and in the same Red colour. The whole image is just one block. I can’t see any layers on this jpg. I pulled it into lightscape but that’s a new software to me too.

Now that I look at it maybe the whole image is flipped ! the letter C can be upside down both ways and look normal ! Good notice ! So what is the best way to flip this so I can still use it with the same software.?

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WoW!!! Thanks to you guys/gals for brainstorming with me. I took your comments about flipped etc. and did just that, I flipped the image , saved it as .png then it burned liked it was supposed to !

Once I get onto this stuff I hope I can return the favour to the group with some small solution. At 66 yrs. of age I’m still learning lots and loving it!


It looks like the whole image is mirrored vertically. The b is just so symmetrical it doesn’t look mirrored.

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