Uploading text files to Maker Forums?

Continuing the discussion from “Curtains” in engravings:

Our norm has been to do exactly what you did that makes the file visible inline; using inline blocks like this

<file context here>

What have other forums you have used allowed for uploads?

Discourse upload configuration is by filename extension, so whatever changes we need to make here would be by extension. For example, we already allow .scad files to be uploaded. We intentionally don’t include .gcode and .nc because we want to paste relevant snippets, not become an up load repository for large files specific to certain machines. But we’re open to discussion about additional file types.

They have allowed just plain .txt file uploads. I am also ok using inline blocks, sometimes they can get in the way. After I made my post, I liked how this forum turned my inline block into a scroll window. Some forums will just post endless text which can really take away from the conversation.

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Thank you for clarifying!

For supporting requests for help, it’s often quicker to see it inline like that than having to download. What I’d really love would be if uploading a text file could allow it to display in the same way as a quoted block, so that you could also easily download it with something other than cut and paste. But as far as I know there isn’t any Discourse functionality to do that. (I might be wrong though; there’s always something new to learn.)

If any of the moderators of support categories would like me to add the ability to upload configuration files with the appropriate names for their categores, please feel free to speak up here. :relaxed: