Uploaded GRBL 1.1f toarduino uno

Uno board works OK w/ Win 10 computer. When I tried on rpi4 via usb connect the chilipepper program
connected to arduino uno. When I tried $ or $$ in command line the program closed and restarted, but no response to the $ or $$ commands. Checked the settings icon on one of the panels and it brought GRBL settings OK and would aloow for changes to be maid. Any help would be appreciated . Thanks, ac

Did you ever get this figured out? It feels like you were just seeing a serial port synchronization problem and folks tend to get those resolved with a connect/disconnect.

John yes I did. Went back to basic setup on sd card w/ CP as the only s/w setup on the RPI4.
I’ve build a Workbee cnc machine w/ an OpenBuils BlackBox. I had way to many programs on the sd card I was using. Thanks, Allen…PS I would like to use a mini keyboard as a remote control.
Trying to get that setup w/ the above hardware and CP program.