Upgrading to 60w, drop in replacement (plus power supply)?

I’m considering an upgrade/rebuild and my case already has a built in opening for an extended tube, so I just have to get the casing to go around that and I’m golden. I wanna go with a “real” 60w (whatever that tube length is) and get a power supply to match. My question is, can I just replace those two (and whatever wiring necessary, I’d guess to go along with the higher power output) and keep the control board and everything else intact/in place? Or do I need to consider/prepare for other upgrade requirements to go along with that much of a power jump?

The LPS and laser are independent of the controller in most machines. So the simple answer to your question is YES.

  1. What machine do you have?
    Depending on what LPS your have and which 60W LPS you pick will determine how much wiring will need to be done. It’s not a tough upgrade and we can walk you through it.
  2. Post picture of you current LPS and the one that you want to replace it.
  3. Post picture of your control panel.

And, of course, I see the email that I got a response at almost midnight when the response came at 10am. I haven’t decided on any of the replacement parts yet. I’d been looking around, but didn’t wanna make a decision until I was sure. I don’t wanna order the wrong thing and have to try to return it or go through WAY more work than planned originally. I’ll try to take pictures in the morning or on Sunday. Should I focus my pictures on anything specific to help identify things?

Control panel
LPS input connectors

Ok, finally got around to handling this. I suspect you’re asking for the control board, bit adding a pic of the external panel as well…

Looks like you will have to do some rewiring for the new 60 W LPS.
How much rewiring depends on the LPS you pick.
At best its just mogins some wires, at worst its doing some retermination.

You will need to add a 24V power supply to power the controller.
We have helped folks through this before and I think I have wiring diagrams for such.

If I were you I would think about adding a laser current meter at the same time.
I would also consider just changing the panel to analog control and loose the digital panel.

The control board and software need not change except for the controllers connection to the LPS.

Here is a schematic of one conversion to analog using a standard K40LPS.
Yours will not have the 24V DC connections.
We can customize it for your conversion once you decide on:

  • LPS
  • Digital va analog panel
  • Current meter

Here are some LPS selections:

These are from cloudray:

[** longer warranty and better flyback]

This one from Light Object seems to be a new model there are two versions one with protection features, more expensive and longer warranty


I did not search ebay much but there are 60w supplies there that are cheaper but I do not know about warranty and returns.

**according to vendor specs
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Appreciate the response. Will wrap my head pound this a bit and get back to you via computer…hate writing full responses to things on my phone.

Seems “simple enough”, but I will probably need to do a little information digesting before I make an official decision on this. I have a couple of machine and I think I wanna look into upgrading the better one (came with better hardware) with a diffrent option and the “lesser” one with this setup. Will be back here once I am ready to actually do things in regards to this thread.