Upgrading thermal efficiency in 60w laser power supply Make your power supply last a long time in spite of manafacturer compromises

If you decide to upgrade to a 60w ZYE alone, it’s good enough without being tuned up. With a tune-up, I am sure the life of the unit can be WAY longer.

There is dangerous voltage inside the power supply. A high voltage laser supply that can remain charged, Capacitors can remain charged even after disconnected from mains. An inappropriately modified power supply can be dangerous. If you do anything, It’s at your own risk.

Let us explore what is inside the 60w laser power supply and how I modified/will modify some aspects of the inferior cooling.

Extremely high def photo right click and see full size.

This is a ZYE 60w power supply


Also, Look at the pitiful amount of heat paste the manufacture has behind the MOSFET pad. This upgrade was not free! I want to keep it working cool and nice for a LOT longer than the manufacture intended.

This is a brand new PS I took this power supply apart to see what parts I needed. I took the big heatsink off and reset the 2 MOSFETs on it with new thermal grease.

I have reassembled the power supply and will install it in the k40 soon along with an 880mm tube. Coming soon! So apart and back together same day! Will have to take it apart again to make the changes.

When the mica arrives I will drill and tap a hole into the heatsink and screw the MOSFETs to it instead of the clamps it came with

Also, I am going to desolder the capacitor in front of the bridge rectifier and screw a chunk of aluminum to it with some thermal paste.

So here is the scope on a list of what I think can be done in this PS to make it last.

  1. upgrade fan
  2. upgrade cooling thermal transfer point on 2 MOSFETs on the giant heatsink. Install thermal grease and mica insulator to improve thermal transfer.
  3. a.) de-solder capacitor to uncover bridge rectifier add a heat sink to bridge rectifier, re-solder capacitor.
    3 b.) or de-solder bridge rectifier, add heat sink, and re-solder

4.) COSMETIC MODS Consider a led fan in your power supply if you and some bling.

So a couple of things, I cannot find the specs on that fan. I am only able to find a 110 version and am not sure the CFM matches for a replacement fan. Does anyone know how to find out what the specs are for this 1?

Another thing, The heat sink is attached to the mobo with 2 screws, they are really small and they pull on the board HARD they need a washer to spread the force more evenly.