Updated my 3d printer design.

Updated my 3d printer design. Now with X-Axis!!
You can get the latest source at my Github https://github.com/StephS/3d-printer

Those are 1 inch extrusions right?

Why have the carriages upside-down like that? http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdxfuhyoTS1r2phbbo1_500.jpg

You really want the nut traps at the top, because of the threaded rod pairing to the Z stepper motors. If you home your Z axis, those nut traps could potentially crash into the couplers.

@Ross_Hendrickson yes it’s currently set for 1 inch extrusions, but it’s completely parametric. It can scale up to 40mm and down to 20mm by just changing one variable.
Thanks for the tip @ThantiK I didn’t know what way they were oriented. It should just be a couple variables to fix it.