Update Alex and I have been working like crazy to pull everything together.

(Mandy Ellifritz) #1

Alex and I have been working like crazy to pull everything together. In addition to the beta units, we’ve been working on an actual production run for a sales event here in Texas in 2 weeks. Murphy’s Law has been a force to be reckoned with! I’ve been traversing the State of Texas for my job in the last two weeks, but I’ve also found some neat new items that we’re going to test on the Talos. Fingers crossed, a big order of parts will come in tomorrow, and the rest next week. All the plates are cut, and they’ll be going to get coated next week. (Sorry guys, it looks like red is going to be the color for this first batch.)

Oh, and I made a t-shirt. :slight_smile:

Okay @Alex_Lee , your turn. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alex Lee) #2

@Mandy_Ellifritz That shirt is so bad ass!!! I’m almost done modifying the prototype for the Big Talos.

I’ll be posting some pictures of the Talos family soon (hopefully tomorrow), and the source files in a few days or so.

(Mandy Ellifritz) #3

I’m sorry @Michael_Johnson , I can’t give the design away. I’d be happy to sell you a rhinestone shirt, or send you one of the printed shirts when I get them finished, but it will be close to Christmas at this point. We’ve got too many deadlines coming up for me to work on anything else right now.

(Ivan Hoe) #4

Is the Talos3D t shirt for sale?
Or free for Ambassadors?

(Mandy Ellifritz) #5

Rhinestone - mine’s made with Swarovski Crystals. Retail, that shirt costs more than my watch.
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(Mandy Ellifritz) #6

@Ivan_Hoe I’m going to try to do some printed shirts for the beta testers - it all depends on how much time I have and whether I have the funds to buy more ink before we get them sent out.

(Ivan Hoe) #7

Thank you @Mandy_Ellifritz ​ : )