Under Sink Pipe Escutcheons

I recently had to pull out my bathroom sink and cut a hole in the wall around the pipes to do a repair. The person who owned the house before my had used galvanized pipe nipples coming out of the wall with brass flanged elbows. So I had a classic case of galvanic corrosion on my hands.

After doing the repair I decided to not get into doing any drywall work to seal up the hole and instead used a 1/8 piece of luan ply to basically panel over the small area under the sink. Had gaps in the panel where I cut the pipe holes. To get a tight seal around the pipes I decided to laser cut some flanges (escutcheons) from 1/8 ply. The drain pipe cover was just a round flange, but I decided to get a little fancy with the water supply covers. Not that anyone is going to see them but I was like what the heck, I got a laser so why not. Did scallop shells which are cut in half and attached with screws so I can remove them if I ever need to.

(Edited to change to correct terminology of the device courtesy of @Domm434 :slight_smile:


LOL! Nice abuse of power. :wink:


seems easier but some like the look of a chrome escuetion :slight_smile: Yes thats spelled right lol

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Sure, no problem with chrome escutcheons :wink: I just wanted something that was an exact tight fit to seal around the pipe since there was just the paneling over the hole. It was also very cheap and unless you stuck your head under the sink they aren’t visible. Even if they were visible you could get very decorative with designs, more than store bought options. Even using some chrome paint :slight_smile:

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It gives me that “sinking” feeling.


That looks great! I love leaving a little treat like that for someone that will probably only see it if they are working under there or is a very curious person. (I’ve wrote fun messages on the top edge of doors in all the places I’ve lived over the years, hehehe.)

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