UDP communication

I’m currently trying to write some modules to make my live a little easier. For one of the modules I need to recieve and send some UDP datagrams. I see that smoothie is using uip for networking which I havn’t used before. Can anyone give me any pointers on how to recieve and send UDP packets.

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There is nothing like that in Smoothie ( that I know of ).
You can see examples of TCP coms in the source code, for UDP I think yo’ull have to go look at the uip documentation.
What exactly are you trying to do ?

The part using UDP is a vere rudimentary implementation of mDNS. Recieve UDP packet on port 5353 -> check if request which own hostname -> send reply.

I’m starting a project using udp as well. Did you get it to play nice with uIP? Looks like it needs to be globally enabled, and then you need to set up the port to listen on, and a handler for the data from there (I’m planning to use the Telnet module as a guide).