Two Zs with Azteeg X5 GT

(Ásgeir Ögmundarson) #1

Hey, my knowledge on controllers is extremely limited and I just wanted to ask if it is very straight forward to use two Zs on Azteeg X5 GT with the second Z using the second extruder spot.

I assume it is very straight forward but I didn’t want to make an assumption and then have a real crappy situation in a couple months time when I hook everything up.

(Eric Lien) #2

I use the feature for tandum Y screws on my R7 CNC. You apply a jumper and then the step/direction signal gets split and sent to two of the stepper drivers. So you can do the same for Z. Look at my configuration file for my CNC here as an example:

And here is a write-up for mirroring drives:

Note this was for a CNC, so work would be needed to be done to map the drivers correctly so the extruder drives would become Z, and the Z would become the extruder. But it should be pretty easy to edit to your needs.

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(Ásgeir Ögmundarson) #3

Hi Eric,
What I am interested in is running independent Zs to allow for usage of Z tilt. Could I do that by hooking up the second Z to the unused second extruder slot? I plan on running klipper on it btw.

(Eric Lien) #4

I am not familiar with Klipper functionality, so perhaps… But I don’t know how.

(Ásgeir Ögmundarson) #5

All right, I’ll do a little digging and see if it can be done, thanks for the replies

(Ásgeir Ögmundarson) #6

Have gotten the info that it should be possible.

One additional question Eric, do you control the vref through software rather than a manual pot on a standard Azteeg?

(Eric Lien) #7

Yes, I use digital control of current in the config. But they need to be drivers capable of using the digipots. But manual control is easy too.

(Ásgeir Ögmundarson) #8

That’s what I thought, thanks :slight_smile:

(Dennis P) #9


How is the 2 adjustable Z’s going to work?

I know that Railcore will auto-tram with the 3 lead screws, but I can not imagine how 2 could be beneficial.