Two heatbed heatzones in synch ?

Two heatbed heatzones in synch ?

So I´m building a sort of Herculien (z-axis) / Core XY printer (with linear Rails on the x axis ), basically for the need of a 20 x 80 cm printbed. (special project)
but before ordering the silicon-heater in china. it occurs to me that on such a lenght I´d be better off with two thermistors placed on 1/3 and 2/3 of the overal lenght.
OR using two 20 x 40 silicon headbeds however … using two silicon headbeds… do I still use one DC-AC SSR to heat them both up ? in parralel ? in serial ? I did recognize a third free thermistor input on the Ramps-board however does the Marlin or Repetier sofware allows to use two heatbed heatzones in synch ? (instead of dual printheads )

Its unknown territory for me , I´m not a electricity/electronic specialist.

Why would you need two thermistors ? It’s not like the two heaters are going to be doing anything different, or like they’ll be under different circumstances. This is the same as a 20x20 bed, just bigger.
Smoothie supports this sort of dual bed setup but I really think it’s not actually needed.

If you print small things most of the time I would consider using 2 heat beds just for efficiency (with separate SSR’s), but I think just one with one thermistor would be totally fine.

Thanks Arthur & Stefano

well I was considering this due to lenghty size of this heatbed. the size of a 20 x 80 might show even stronger cold patches in the corners. I had the impression that a silicon-internal heat-wiring in general shows some temperature-drop from the center towards the edges. and with this odd-shape…

I guess I´will go for a smoothieboard for this dual bed setup.