Twin Z axis motors using stepper motor drivers

I have two high current Z motors and am using two TB6600 drivers. I am using them with common anode connections and have wired them back to my V5 smoothieboard using the en, dir and st pins. One set gamma for Z1 motor and one set delta for Z2 motor. The manual is clear what to do when using the onboard motor drivers but nothing for two external drivers. How will the Gcode know that I want gamma and delta to move together.

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I’m not a smoothie expert, but I have done what you have but what I have done is connect the two TB6600 drivers in parallel to the pins en dirr and st of the single gamma driver (Z drive). That now moves both stepper motors nicely together. That leaves me two outputs on my V5 board for the extruder stepper(s). I wasn’t too keen on the common anode connection so I used sparkfun logic level convertors (Ebay) which converts the 3.3v pulses from smoothie to 5v pulses. I found the result much nicer. The boards are tiny and you may need to get some KF2510 2.54 header and connector kits. You can find a 3.3v and ground pin on the board and you need a 5v and ground from either on the board or from your 5v power supply.

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