Tweaks to CorelLASER after installing?

Tweaks to CorelLASER after installing?

Had to install a fresh copy of CorelDRAW x7 and CorelLASER onto a new laptop, and remember there were a few settings changes needed, like selecting the right main board, but I think there were some other tweaks like setting “cutting data” to WMF?

Yeah, check these images:

Thanks so much Yuusuf, really appreciated!

@Pigeon_FX You’re welcome. How goes your building of the little amp box things you were doing?

Was going really well till the laptop i had dedicated to the cutter died! but all fixed now, and can get back to some laser cutting! had some really good results making face plates/control panels for projects using TroLase laminates, that are two colours one on top of another, and you laser engrave the top colour to reveal the bottom colour. The seem to be used mostly in sign making, but works really well for a bunch of projects:

And just about to try some of the aluminium labels:

Saw your No-Sew Leather Tote Bag on instructables the other day, think I’m going to have to make one soon!

@Pigeon_FX Those laminates are cool. Thanks for sharing that. Might have to try them out some time.