Turtle necklace!   All the electronics are hidden in the pendant,

Turtle necklace!

All the electronics are hidden in the pendant, which makes it a little thicker than I would like but it still sits nicely on my neck. The clasp is a magnet that also functions as an on/off switch. The lights are a neopixel jewel.

It’s running @Mark_Kriegsman 's Twinkle code (with the Ocean palette, of course).

This is a gift for my brother’s new girlfriend (she’s a keeper) and so I wanted to make it as user-friendly as possible. So, I’m using a Trinket Pro and Trinket Pro charging “backpack” with a small Adafruit LiPo battery, so I don’t have to remove the battery for charging… just plug in a USB cable under the turtle’s tail. Fancy!

Also, I used glow-in-the-dark polymer clay inside the shell of the turtle as a light diffuser, so when you turn it off it glows quietly to itself. :slight_smile:

Fantastic! I love the little touches, too: glow polymer, the charging tail, etc. Just really great.

That looks great. Nicely done!

Lovely artistry and craftsmanship.

Very nice. I’ll bet Erin could also do an Arkenstone (from The Hobbit) as well.

Arkenstone…. hmmm…

Excellent wanted to try and make something like this.

I got some soic Attinys try out.

Very cool! I love how you made it simple to turn on when you connect the ends!