Turns out garolite is a great surface for ABS as well.

Turns out garolite is a great surface for ABS as well. I’m not going to miss taping bed plates. I did a really nice job only once, and promptly tore my nozzle through it.

with heated bed or without? There is company called mbots which sell modified makerbot and they claim to have similar looking surface which dosent require heated bed to print abs. http://www.mbot3d.com/products/mbot-cube-3d-printer-dual-extruder

Hm, I’d be interested in knowing if you get good adhesion at room temperature as well.

Bed was heated to ~110C, seemed to stick very well and zero warping. Unheated might be ok for smaller prints, but the heated bed also keeps the ambient temp up, and I’ve found that helps get nice lamination between layers.

@Stephen_Baird I’m gonna give that a shot later today and I’ll post results.

Link? I was thinking about a thin slab of granite. For a new print surface with a heated of course.

@Jeremy_G_WeisTek_Eng One downside to garolite is it’s fairly heavy, and that’s a concern on machines that move the bed in the X or Y. For makerbots and ultimaker type machines that move the bed in the Z only this is not really an issue. Obviously granite will be very heavy. I think I remember seeing some tests with different stone materials from way back when. Also surface ground granite plates are really expensive.

Ya I was thinking if a really thin piece. Thinner than the 3/4th mirror platform I have now. My friend suggested a few other things as well, but as long as the 12 clamps stay on the heated bed I won’t have to replace it as it won’t pull the platform apart.

Oh and ware did you get your garolite ?

@Jeremy_G_WeisTek_Eng Sorry should have posted the link in the first place. http://www.professionalplastics.com/G10FR4SHEET
I got it cut to the same size as the glass plates ive been using on a Prusa PCB Heater. The price was ok but shipping was very high so I got 2 plates for about $25 each.

Go to McMaster-Carr, and search for Garolite. They have 6x6 and 12x12 sheets in the $4 to $30 range, depending on size and thickness. Get the machinable kind (also known as LE).

@Robert_Silvers I got two sheets from McMaster-Carr for a machine I’m building. Cutting this stuff is bit nasty so I got the cut to size pieces for my prusa. The surface finish of the 3 kinds I have are very different from each other and the stuff from http://www.professionalplastics.com/G10FR4SHEET is the only thing I have printed on.

Can’t wait for my new replicator 2x which has a heated bed

Been printing PLA and it has its limitations due to how brittle it gets

@Stephen_Baird Tried with no bed heat. Does NOT work. Not even worth a pic.

With Nylon or PLA?

That’s disappointing… oh well, even failed experiments teach us something.

What thickness is your sheet? How much effort does it take to flex it?

+Mark Oates I got 1/8" sheet. It’s quite stiff but I can flex it a very little bit. 1/8" seems like the right choice for ~8x8".