Turning wood and carving in the round!

This year I have a resolution to add carving to my wood turning works.

You can see my carving musings over on https://forum.makerforums.info/c/woodcraft/woodcarve

While researching how I might work-hold a vessel while carving it dawned on me that I could use the lathe to do the work-holding! I need the vessel to stay on the chuck so that after carving I can put it back on the lathe to complete the turning.

The bed on my Stubby lathe can pivot. I added a shop made head-stock to one end and that allowed me to hold the vessel between centers. This allows me to rotate the piece in two axis so that I can carve anywhere on the piece. The lathes bed is also at a comfortable position for carving while standing.

I tried it out on this weeks work and so far I am happy with its usefulness.