Tube lights up, but does not emit light

I finally got to sit down with my machine a solid week after installing my new tube. I go a few runs out of it before encountering any issues. Enough to run a few ramp tests to dial in my focal length. I set my new file up, and reset my bed without my ramp inside. The XY axis moves accordingly, the laser test button releases a beam. When I run a file from my pc, the tube lights up, but does not emit any light from the tube… Suggestions?

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Misaligned the mirrors by knocking them? Power set too low from a dodgy pot (I have to swipe mine around regularly as they can get dirty)

Do you have a milliamp meter on the unit? If so what does it read?

Mirrors are on spot. I ran my ramp test just before, and removed the ramp I used to hold my material. No dodgy pot. I have a digital input. I am running at 42.00 “percent maybe?”

I do not have a milliamp meter on it yet. I am running off of the digital readout which is sitting at 42. Not sure if that is 42% or what.

Post a picture of the laser and beam.

Do you have a DVM and know how to use it?

Here is a video link,

I noticed that the laser will fire if I press the “test laser” button. Could I maybe chock this up to a program error?

:0 I just noticed that my file outline in the video is in black and not red for vector cutting… I am going to assume that this is User error…

I do have a DVM, and have already ordered a milliamp meter to install on the unit.

So its working now???

Im going to assume so. I pulled the xy axis yesterday afternoon as the existing bed is interfering with space in line with my focal length, and have yet to put it back in the chassis. I noticed my color coordination is wrong in the video as I was uploading it. It’s going back together after work, and I will post update as it comes. Ty! I filmed the scene when it happened, and I didn’t watch it until you asked about pictures, and I uploaded it.

I hope you have safety glasses from all that exposure.