Trying to set up a second print head and this keeps happening.

(Rex Bigger) #1

Trying to set up a second print head and this keeps happening. Same filament through the first head (a 0.4mm nozzle) prints beautifully. But here it gets a few layers and stops.

This is always what I see at the end of the filament. What could be causing it?

(Alex Wiebe) #2

Looks like the heat from the tip is working too far up the hot end and prematurely melting the filament causing a jam. You may need to either lower the temperature and/or adjust or provide more cooling to the top of the hot end.

I was having this problem in spades with the new aluminum extruder and Ubis hot end on @Brook_Drumm1 's Printrbot Simple.

By lowering the hot end temp a couple degrees, lowering the current into the extruder motor (to run cooler) and adding a fan to cool the top of the hot end / extruder down I have not had a jam.

(Ethan Hall) #3

I had a similar problem with my extruder. The cause was I had overtightened my extruder and the hobbed bolt was flattening the filament against the bearing. This caused the filament to be sorta oval in shape. When I loosened the extruder a little bit the problem disappeared.

(Jens Chr Brynildsen) #4

Seen this thread? Am curious to hear if the new Nozzle will work!

(Rex Bigger) #5

Hi @Jens_Chr_Brynildsen good thread - I hadn’t seen that one before. It has to be said I don’t just have issues printing with PLA.

I’m about to update my new head thread - it’s not good.