Trying to probe now using g2core.

Trying to probe now using g2core. It did not work at all on the zmin pin (nothing even started in terms of z movement).

Setting it to pin d5 causes it to move but never to recognise a probe event (even when manually forced).

Does the g2core not recognise a probe when there is conductivity with ground?

This depends on how it is defined in settings.h file. I wrote about it in my older posts some months ago. For probe active (triggered) when connecting to GND you need ACTIVE_LOW definition.

I’ll be able to send you firmware tonight, not at home at this moment.

Thanks @sszafran ​. It is set as input active low.

But oddly the pinout guide states that pin 5 is y max. And pin 4 is zmin.

Something is wrong anyway. G2core appears too rough edged to be worth spending time on at the moment.

@Justin_Adie ​ did you check this link:

Yes. The diagram turns out to be incorrect for the version of g2core that i have got.

But probing still not working. I’ve given up entirely. Back to breadboard and China fab houses for me!