Trying to learn about CNC control don't have a cnc machine yet but I

Trying to learn about CNC control don’t have a cnc machine yet but I bought a DUE clone and managed to install Tinyg2. It works but I can’t seem to run the sample g code. It uploads to buffer and then the play button is greyed out. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Any suggestions welcome.


Need full window screenshot please.

I second that

Sorry to seem incompetent but how do I add another screenshot?

You can’t. Make a new post and link it here or tag us.

@Steve_Welsh ​ after connecting the board to power (USB) please wait few seconds and press RESET on the ArduinoDue. Then start (or restart if already running) the Serial Port JSON Server and connect to the appropriate port. You should be fine to send g-code commands and see the simulation working in Chilipeppr.

Remember to use this link, when running TinyG2 (which actually is ArduinoDue):
Possibly after using that link all will work fine with no other changes.

I used your new link and did the resets. When I press play the tool jumps around a few times then a message appears for a moment buffer loaded then it just sits there no movement on the 3d simulation. if i play from simulator works fine. I think I should watch it run the code on the 3d tool if all is well but I can’t get there. Thanks

Also should I see the XYZ co ordinates change? In the tiny G window the planner window says unknown I think.

Did you pick the g2 buffer in the spjs widget? Also did you configure your firmware for your machine before flashing? Or if not did you create a config script in the cog wheel icon in spjs list?

Can you try $$ serial port command? After ‘Go’ you should see board parameters list. This will assure you are connected and board is working. If you don’t see parameters, something is wrong and maybe a re-flash is needed. There is a possibility to flash directly from Chilipeppr, use Due programming port and firmware dedicated for TinyG2 board (somewhere at the end of the drop-down list). @jlauer ​ made a great how to program movie on YouTube.
Once $$ returns some settings, please check parameters like axis assignment and steps per mm (or per revolution), disable home and limit switches, disable soft limits. I know you are not running a real hardware, but board setting, even if using ‘dummy’ mode should reflect a real hardware. I used similar configuration many times with no issue.

I am unable to give you full details, as I’m on holiday some thousand+ miles away from my CNC.

And as I see on the screenshot there is a pause mode enabled next to Gcode title. Try to unpause by clicking on that pause icon.

You may also try to run manual g-code first like G0 X10 Y10 Z10 to see if there is any movement (X/Y/Z coords should change.

when i type $$ i get back {“ej”:""}

I flashed precompiled BIN through Chilipeppr but I did not do a config file.

I chose G2 in the serial port drop down for the DUE port

And then when you reset the board, do you get it running? Do you see this board in the SJPS widget list? You should choose tinyg buffer (as John mentioned in a comment above) and check :ballot_box_with_check: to connect. Then some parameters should normally flow via serial port console output window. Seems like you’re close to get it working.

Make sure Due is connected to a native USB port during normal operation, this is the outer port, further away from the power socket.

I am connected to native port. I flashed it through programming port/ Maybe today I will try and flash it again. I am also going to flash a uno with GRBL and test that as well. Thanks to all for the help.

Steve, once I am back home I am happy to help you, but this will be after July 24th.

Thanks I am going out of town myself returning the 25. I will re visit it then.


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