trying to get into contact with the Herculean crew....

trying to get into contact with the Herculean crew… about testing 3D EeZ

Hey, I think you already shipped me some on Sunday. As soon as I get a chance to test it I will put my review up here for the group.

what’s that 3D EeZ? Never heard of it.

sorry Richard Horne Blogged about it… I was hoping to send you some so that you coulkd test it to see if you might want to bundle it with your 3-D Printer… Mike Paysoin of Makers Tool Works loves it and as such has Bundled it with his 3-D Printers as well as he now Distributes it on his website… Sorry but then I guess I am still trying to make a go of things… Heck the Navy and NASA are running test on it now…

@argas231 I will definitely test it. I have been using hairspray exclusively for years now. One thing to note is the HercuLien is not a commercial product. Just an open source labor of love. But if the stuff works I will evangelize it for you. For some reason people seem to value my opinions.

By the way we are also Partnered with Cinter Design in London UK

Chris Verbick

Managing Director


The Crypt, St Mary Magdalene Church, Holloway Road, London, N7 8LT

tel : +44 20 7607 0704
mob : +44 7927 179 384

Perhaps I will contact him and have him send you some samples…

Tony G

I am currently using it on another printer and I am very happy with it. Can’t find hairspray that works.

Thank you… Glad it helps

@Eclsnowman I think you’ll like it. When you receive your sample I suggest you do not coat the entire build area of your Herc/Eustathios. Try a 150x150mm square first on the center with 2-3 thin coats so you get a feel on how it lays down. I’ve been printing ABS dead center with the same 3 coats 53 times now on one printer and over 30 times on another.

@Isaac_Arciaga thanks for the tips.

@argas231 we do value @Eclsnowman 's opinion, he’s an amazing maker and one hell of a guy!

I’m interested in this product as well.

@argas231 ​​ i just want to find out about shipping to canada, how much it’d cost and do i order on USA page or international??
Thank you

well you would think because we as so close together it would be the US Not correct… I sent a Liter to Canada cost me $44… But from London it was around $12… so yes Order from the Euro Button if you live outside the US or Its Territories Thank you that was a great Question Chris at the London office will ship it the same day…

@argas231 have you got a distributor in australia/nz/SE Asia?

we do ship to Australia and asia from our London Office… But we are open to discussion pon the subject