Trying to find 3D models from Google Earth data,

(Ben Van Den Broeck) #1

Trying to find 3D models from Google Earth data, particularly this formation in Bryce Canyon. I know they are low red but it’ll suit for making a small map. SketchUp Warehouse doesn’t show the models, is there anyway to pull the models by GPS location?

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Hey @Google_Earth , I really want to 3D print national parks & monuments like Bryce Canyon. Anyway to get access to whole landscapes like this one through @SketchUp ? 3D Warehouse doesn’t pull up anything for it.

Fun tip: When looking for models on Google Earth, double click to access a “walk” mode. Scroll your mouse wheel to move forward and left mouse to look around. Made looking for specific objects very easy!

(Kent Morrison) #2

I have added a few “terrain edits” to Google Earth 3D, back when the (secret!) Terrain Edit program was going.

Here is one example:
Finger Rock was an ugly hump in GE until I edited it.

Here is another:
This is a stone quarry in Navarre, Spain.
it was flat before I edited it.

I’d be glad to do a G+Hangout with you to discuss several ways to get the data you want and/or display it where you want.

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@Kent_Morrison Sure, let’s talk later today. Thanks!

(Kurt Meister) #4

Perhaps that helps

(Kurt Meister) #5

And this (it’s in German but there is also a English guide)

(Carlton Dodd) #6

Isn’t topological data available online from NGS?

(Kent Morrison) #7

Briefly, the DEMs are available for some places and in some resolutions.
How you use it is, of course, a critical component.

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Thanks guys, Kent gave me a thorough overview of how to download topo data from NGS. The models aren’t satisfactory for my purpose (IE detailed enough to get the hoodoos) but it opened doors to start printing maps on my Bukobot. Thanks for all the support!

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@Ben_Van_Den_Broeck - Sure enjoyed the talk ! Here’s another URL :