Trying out the 360 deg lithophane option in ,

Trying out the 360 deg lithophane option in, I used a photo of some of my tools, and dropped the photo with “360 degree outer” selected, to create a novel desk-tidy, in a matter of seconds. Back-lighting the print transforms it, prompting the idea that a ring of LEDs would light the walls and still give a usable container. (one to think about!)

The cylinder is generated either hollow or solid, so I drew up a base separately, printed it in a different colour just for contrast, and super-glued it in place.

This utility gives a nice balance of variables and is simple to use. It produces a usable STL in no time, inviting you to experiment with design and creative possibilities without being burdened by the technicalities of the process.

Great work @Mark_Durbin . Thank you!

Yeah I saw some of this at thingiverse today and got inspired to, looking really nice

AWESOME! Ive been playing with lithophanes in Photoshop all day. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks for the share.

+1 for you

Cool! I think you prapaser :+1: well don