Try out emoji reaction plugin!

I wonder if there is a discourse plug-in that lets us react with something other than a heart. Arbitrary emoji would be nice, so we could perhaps :rage: :money_with_wings: :face_vomiting:

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Would folks like to see that here? Would it make the forums feel more interactive?

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Sounds like a good idea.

You can now react to plugins with emoji, just click the simple smiley face at the bottom of the post and choose one or more emoji. You have a limited number of reactions per day. For now, we won’t limit the emoji you can use, so be kind and thoughtful.

We can configure it to limit to commonly-used emoji to make it easier to use, but let’s see if being able to use any emoji makes people happiest first!

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Nice, but I don’t like that dark button background.

I am guessing that it’s related to the dark title bar in the default theme, and probably looks fine if you choose a theme that doesn’t have the dark title bar. But I don’t care enough to test my theory or bring up developer tools and explore the CSS :wink: