Trulaser 3030 CO2 cooling system

Hi, I’m new here and I’m coming along with my little problems. I bought a 2008 Trumpf L20 3030 CO2 and I’m still assembling it. I arrived at two 10mm solid black plastic hoses from which a little water flows and which must be installed in the cooling circuit, but I don’t know where. There is another solid black 8 mm plastic hose that says “control panel return”, I also don’t know where to mount it. I am asking someone who has a similar machine to check and post the answer here, maybe a picture :blush:

Hello again! Little activity around here :thinking: In the meantime, I checked the chiller more carefully and found the place for the three hoses. Look at the attached image.

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btw, how do i attach a picture here?

Looks like you figured out how to attach a picture here! :smiling_face: :tada:

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