Trouble getting started with Whisperer

Hi mcdanlj, I have just bought a K40 and wich to use it to engrave some traffolyte with some information to act as a key fob. I am brand new to this and am finding the use of the the whisperer software somewhat daunting, is there any tutorials out there I can review?
I do have Inkscape downloaded and have written and saved the words I wish to use plus able to import it into whisperer but cannot get the laser to operate, don’t understand what I am doing wrong.
Any help would be appreciated.

@stee1y Sorry, without the @ in front of my name the system didn’t tell me that you had mentioned me! I’m the site admin not an expert in K40 Whisperer. I have moved this post to the K40 Whisperer category where @Scorch and others who know K40 Whisperer hang out and will see your question.

I’d suggest going into more detail about what you are trying so that folks can see what might be going wrong.

First you need to make sure your controller is compatible with K40 Whisperer. You can read the writting on the controller and verify that it says “LIHUIYU” somewhere on it. The other to check is to take a picture of the board and post it here. The controller board is the circuit board that the USB cable plugs into.

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