Tricky question: We have all read about some japanese company that prints a fetus

Tricky question:

We have all read about some japanese company that prints a fetus based on the periodical ultrasound scans.

Since we (the wife and i) are on the quest of offpring n2 i was wondering if it would be possible to do this with normal “tools”.

Down here (argentina) you can get the video recordings of the ultrasound. I guess that it would be possible to get some “raw” data too.

Does anyone knows about how this works?.

I can try to get some raw data to start testing if theres anyone willing to help.

My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby due in late June and they had a 3D ultra sound session last month. It was interesting to chat with the owner/operator of the ultra sound machine about using the captured data for 3d printing. He was very interested and talked to us about his setup. Most affordable ultrasound sessions (under 100 bucks) are licensed machines that aren’t capable of exporting usable 3d data. It was interesting to find out the hardware and software are very crude and proprietary. He actually screen captures his patients sessions and burns it to dvd, it doesn’t allow exporting images or video without another licensed software add-on. We were however able to take a screenshot from the session and convert the black+white photo to a lithograph style model. We haven’t printed it though because it looks more like a mountain then a baby. He did suggest the more higher end million dollar machines most likely can export some type of 3d data.

Yes, i´v been told the same, but looks theres a workaround. Will update when i have more info.

123catch and tons of pictures?


a doc will give me a few jpgs and a dicom file to test!