TRex printed with woodfil,

(Mark Tomlinson) #1

TRex printed with woodfil, the left-hand Tesla logo with Carbon Fiber and the Right-hand one with the Bronze. Just an example of some of the exotic filament types. They work well.

(Michael Hohensee) #2

PLA variants?

(Mark Tomlinson) #3

Yes. All basically print like PLA. The woodfill wants a slightly bigger nozzle but prints OK with a 0.4mm

(Nathan Ryan) #4

Bu-bu-bu… The Carbon Fibre filament isn’t going to be strong like true CF, is it? Doesn’t have the fibers intertwined properly???

(Mark Tomlinson) #5

Correct. It is not 100% CF and the bronze fill is not 100% metal. 60% for the bronze…not sure on the carbon fiber, but still neat :slight_smile:

(Nathan Ryan) #6

I’m kinda meh on the cf. Super interested in the bronze, though. What’s the extrusion temp? What’s the finish/weight/feel like?

(Mark Tomlinson) #7

The CF is actually black (my picture colors kinda suck). The bronze weighs like metal, and feels like metal (once it cools) and the extrusion temp for it is 195-220C (I used 200 – it was fine). You have to let it cool for a few minutes as it is still soft and bendable initially.