Touch sensor module released for ESP32 Lua (NodeMCU)

This is a brand new Touch module for ESP32 that I just released. It is well tested, well documented, and lots of example code on how to use plus a tutorial video.

The touch sensor module enables you to easily interact with ESP32’s built-in 10 touch sensors. The touch pad sensing process is under the control of a hardware-implemented finite-state machine (FSM) which is initiated by software (polling mode) or a dedicated hardware timer (interrupt mode). By using the interrupt mode you can offload the sensing away from the main CPU. There are several examples in the docs below on how to implement your code.

Click the YouTube video above for a tutorial on how to use this touch library including sample touch sensors, how to set your touch counter thresholds, and what the touch counters look like in the touched/untouched state of a sensor pad.

For further information please refer to the ESP-IDF docs for Touch Sensor