Touch plate

Is there a video or a text write up on how to setup a touch plate with GrblGru please

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Sorry for my late response.

There is no specific video on how to use a touch plate. But you can easily create a macro for this function.
If you haven’t looked into macro programming yet, check out this video.

The following macro would move down a maximum of 40mm with a feed rate of 50mm/min until the plate is touched. After that the current position is set to X=0, Y=0 and Z=0.

G1 g91 f50
g38.2 Z-40
G10 L20 p1 X0 Y0 Z0

The switch or the two cables must be connected to pin “A5” and “GND” on the Arduino UNO.

I recommend you to do the first tests first in “free space”.
Please let me know if you have any problems.

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The touch probe module works fine in grblgru but I was hoping you could Lyell me where I put the thickness dimensions of the touch plate.
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I don’t know if I understood your question correctly.

The functions you can perform in the Probe Dialog assume that you are using a ball probe. You can enter the diameter of the probe ball in the MachineManager. (See attached pic )

If you want to consider the thickness of the plate (e.g. 4mm) in the macro, you can do this in the command G10 L20 p1 X0 Y0 Z4

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