Tools required?

I would love to start doing some leather work (making patches) and am wondering what are the basic tools that would be required to start working with leather.

the main tools are for cutting, punching, sewing, protecting yourself.

depending on leather thickness your tools need vary. starting thin is cheap you can have off Ebay some kit from china.

like this one

that one

as for leather source you can buy some scrap (sofa factories) by the weight to make your teeth with. (before going to the finest Italian one)

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Thank you for the link.

We use Gingher shears (which can be sharpened) for anything less than 4 oz leather and they seem to hold up better long term so far.
For repetitive shapes, you could use a die with a clicker or arbor press (depending on the thickness of the leather you’ll use). If the leather is thin enough and your machine can handle it, you could laser cut it. Veg-tan seems to be the go to, but I haven’t tried others or scrap bags because of unknown processing chemicals. Be prepared for the smell.
If you’re going to be stitching (especially in thicker leather), an adjustable groover helps inset the thread into the material for a more professional look.
For dying, we typically use wool daubers to apply oil dye (preferably Fiebing’s brand, but we do some others, depending on the project).
For conditioning/finishing, neatsfoot and mink oils or resolene, depending on the leather and treatment; applied with microfiber towels.
Burnishing tools smooth/slick the edge of the material for a glossy finish. They have some with varying groove widths to accommodate different oz leather.