Tools and macro menus not responsive after fresh install of laserweb4

After reinstalling laserweb 4 the tools and macro tabs are non responsive. It is a problem since I would like to import my settings back into the interface.

Anyone run across something like this before?

I never saw such a behavior.
Can you tell us a little more about your installation? (OS, Frontend- and Backend-Versions of LW, type of machine…)

Should have done a better search :slight_smile:
Posted the same error yesterday.

Installed on Raspberry Pi 3b+, Buster OS, Node 12.14 (LTS)

Any ideas? I’m about to go back to nodejs 10 as this is the latest from Raspbian. [No, different version of node/npm made no difference]

Yes, you should use node 10, as stated in the wiki.

What exactly did you mean with “not responsive”?
There was a “missing scrollbar issue” which was solved a week ago in the LW4 source, but not jet ported to lw.comm-server frontend files.

It’s the same as reported by Quentin Harley, the Macro and Tools options under Settings, do not respond i.e. click them and nothing happens. No way you save or load configurations.
As I said in the other thread I started, if I’m logged on to the Pi and I connect to localhost:8000 from the Chromium browser, it does work.but if I connect to either the hostname or ip address (same port), then the menus mentioned, do not respond.
Current configuration is 3b+, Buster OS, node 10.18.0., npm 6.13.4 installed from nodesource, latest lw4 from Github (as off 12 hours or so ago). Chromium is 74.0.3729.157.
Hope this is clearer :slight_smile:

Ready to give up on this. Dropped back to Stretch in case it was OS relates but still happening.
Has to be something simple otherwise there would be more reports of the problem.

Looks like we’re stuck with LW3 for now.

You could try to use an older commit of LW4. Probably this was a side effect of some later changes.

By the way: If you call the frontend via Server-IP:8000, you get served with the webpack files in the app folder of lw.comm-server. You can replace them with the webpack files of a different LW4 commit.

You can also try to install LW4 on the other PC and change the server address to the IP of the lw.comm-server raspi.

Thanks Claudio, something to try. Any suggestions for the previous release to use?

I did one test as you suggested and installed LW4 on my Ubuntu desktop and used it to connect to the Pi server and it worked as expected i.e could load/save configurations. This isn’t usable at the maker space though as it would mean users would also have to install it to use the laser cutter. The browser (Chromium) solution is the one I have to provide to keep everybody happy :slight_smile:

The problem migth be something similar as the “missing scrollbar” problem we had since a chromium update a few weeks/month ago. The solution was to remove a “hight:100%” definition from the panel div (see commit comments).

Could you try if the hostest test-version has the same problem?

(Unfortunately this version has no server communication) works fine (Chromium browser)
I can see the Tools options to load/save configurations.

FYI, this is the link I’ve been using so far for my
git clone (as per

Ok. The hosted version is not the newest code, so we now know that this older version would work.
I will try to find out the exact version so you can get those files to copy into your apps folder.

Thanks a lot.

Ok, found it. You can get the hosted version from the gh-pages branch of LW4:

I’m not sure if the server sonnection will work if these files are copied to the app folder of lw.comm-server, but it’s worth a try.

And don’t forget to clear the browser cache, because the former webpack files could be taken from the cache.

I’ve been caught with cached data before so always flush the cache!
No success with the files you provided. Drop-downs for Macros and Tools are none responsive,
As far as I can tell, these are the only options that read/write files on the client system. Don’t know how relevant that fact is.

Any further suggestions of things to try hre?

It doesn’t make sense that the online version (gh-pages) works, but the same webpack files don’t work, when served from lw.comm-server (nodejs).
You could try to serve the webpack files from a separate webserver on the pi.

I’ll give that a try.

As I mentioned in an earlier post. If I use Chromium on the Pi itself (console or vncserver) and connect to to localhost:8000, it does work. It’s only when connected remotely that it fails. I have tried different versions of Chromium and Chrome on my desktop (Ubuntu) to test this.