Tool Rescue Sunday Part Deux

(Ned Hill) #1

Let it be known throughout the land that the Tool Rescue Gods have once more sent forth their swift messenger, Craigslist, to summon me to the aid of a deserving tool.

This ancient table saw of yore was free from tariff but sadly the spark of life no longer could be conjured to animate it’s life’s function.

So it’s an ~ 9yr old table saw that was free and doesn’t turn on anymore. Worst case I’ve got a decent rolling tool stand to use for something else. However, the previous owner said he had been having to wiggle the cord to get it to work before it quit working all together, so could be an easy fix. Let’s dive in and see what the issue will be. :crossed_fingers:

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(Ned Hill) #2

Hmmm…well the cord from the plug to the switch looks fine, but the switch itself not so much.

(Ned Hill) #3

Well I popped open the switch and I think I found the problem.

Look at all the saw dust :astonished: You can’t even see the contacts!

(Ned Hill) #4

That’s better :smiley:

(Ned Hill) #5

Now that the curse of fouling has been lift, the moment of truth has arrived. The air stills and the birds cease their chatter, as all listen for the hoped sweet roar of life.
With simple flick the mighty savagenger of wood indeeds springs to life and roars in symphonic joy to once more be counted among the living in the land of Makers!

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #6

We had no idea that you were such a poet … nice find!

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(0.45 NACL) #7

Time to start tool hoarders anonymous!

(Ned Hill) #8

Lol no kidding, my shop isn’t that big and a bunch of free area has suddenly disappeared. This table saw is actually better than the cheapo harbour freight one that I have been using, so I’ll sell that one to free up some room.

(Ned Hill) #9

Sorry Tool Rescue Gods, but I am not in that much need of a new project. :laughing:

(Nigel Conroy) #10

Nice find.

(anon57870006) #11

We have rescued the mighty famous invention of Singer into a grill (when the summer is back this dog shall not be eaten):