Tool/jig labeling using K40?

I have been thinking about making custom metal tags/id plates for my custom tools and jigs. I have always loved the metal tags on antique tools.

Anyone know where I can find plates/tags that I can engrave/mark?

At this point, most of what I am looking to tag are jigs for woodworking. They are wood but unfortunately, the pieces Are too big to fit in my K40 to engrave. Let me know if you have better ideas, please.

If you have a router to cut them down to an appropriate size:

While that was about business card size stock, I also see 1 ¼" and 1 ½" pipe tags on Amazon which might be good? “GI Dog tags”, 1"x2" rectangles, etc.

It looks like there are a bunch of companies that sell blank anodized aluminum tags. Pipe tags might be good? A google search for “blank anodized aluminum tags” got lots of relevant hits.

Is that the direction you are looking for?

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Essentially yes. I am just looking at options. Thanks!


I really like the idea of black anodized aluminum tags. I have a power hacksaw with a Sear Roebuck Electric Motor that is about 100 years old. I love the label. It was stamped and fairly ornate but I like that label and want to give my more permanent jigs some sort of label that is better than writing in sharpy or using a label maker.


You could also try applying a laser safe vinyl mask to some brass, etch out a design and then use ferric chloride to etch the exposed brass. You could then apply some black paint to the etched areas. This might give you a more vintage feel.

Something like this.


Electroetching is another method