Tonight is going to be fun! Diamond Age Plastic via! Ultimaker  will be

Tonight is going to be fun! Diamond Age Plastic via! @Ultimaker will be happy tonight!


Post please on what you think of it, after you’ve run some through the machines!

Will you be making any multicolor parts?

I buy Diamond Age stuff direct from Vik, and I’ve never had a problem with any of it. It’s definitely good filament.

If you have any issues with it, I recommend you try putting dessicant in the bag with the roll, and leaving it in a warm spot first. PLA is known to absorb moisture, and who knows how it’s been handled since the original shipping process in NZ.

What?! You didn’t get the lilac?! But it’s so PRETTY!

Damn you @ThantiK now I want to order the rest of the colors!

Do they sell 1.75mm (all I could find was 3mm)?

No, 3mm only. And UPDATE IT ROCKS! Buttery smooth extrusion. But I must print a robot in each color to make sure :stuck_out_tongue: Actually I am printing a spool holder first–boo.

I should see if the Makergear extruder drive will do 3mm (or what modifications are necessary); just ordered a j-head which should give me the option to go either way and while I prefer 1.75, seems to be more 3mm filament available…

BTW: You can order 1.75mm stuff directly from @Vik_Olliver at Diamond Age. Shipping costs however may be an issue. That said, maybe will get 1.75mm in soon. especially if you and Vik poke them about it. :wink:

Thanks for the tip Stewart, winter is here so lots of time for indoor hacktivities :slight_smile:

EXACTLY @Jason_Gullickson !

Hola Donde puedo comrpar ese material

@A_b11 and shipping was only $39 for this! I’m not sure where you live though. The original maker of the filament is in NZ

Yeah, printbl are going to get some but it doesn’t look like it’ll get on the boat before Xmas. Also, 1.75mm is more expensive for us to make than 3mm 'cos it comes out of the machine at about the same rate per metre. It’s more of a premium product for us.

Ah, so that is why 1.75mm stuff always costs so much more? Didn’t realize. I always thought roughly the same volume was produced per time unit.