Tom Lehrer songs and lyrics are now public domain


Download by the end of 2024 when the site goes offline, though! :slight_smile:

My favorite so far is the Elements, by Aristotle…


My favorite has always been Poisoning the Pigeons in the Park. First heard it on the old Dr. Demento Show.


I always liked the new math … I knew pretty far into the base 8 verse by heart, but that was long ago, back in the the days of gnu.


Ah, new math… Time for a tangent!

Early in my high school years, my brother convinced me to switch to doing all my arithmetic in base 8, making the arithmetic simpler. As soon as I had switched, he changed his mind and started doing all his in hex because (let’s be honest) he was smarter than me. But I stuck with base 8. And I used my own glyphs for the numerals. I used the shapes of the glyphs as keys to reduce the number of arithmetic facts to recall.

I had a very tolerant math teacher that year. As long as I converted my answers back to base 10 for her to check, she accepted me showing all my work in my own glyphs in base 8.

I didn’t know much about computers at the time, but I clearly had one of the key virtues of a programmer even then: laziness. It’s amazing how much work we’ll do to avoid doing work!


Excuse me?! I’m a professional programmer, and definitely not lazy! How dare you :triumph: :rofl:


For anyone here who hasn’t seen it yet, the reference I was making was to the comment immortalized here:

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