Today TIME is reporting that architects and a European Space Agency is teaming up

Today TIME is reporting that architects and a European Space Agency is teaming up to begin work on the design of 3D printed lunar bases. As the world continues spinning, technology continues to advance, and it’s apparent that a 3D printer is quickly becoming the latest weapon in a designer’s arsenal.

3DEA is 3D Printing Pop Up Store located inside of the Eventi Hotel on 835 & 6th Avenue (on the corner of 29th Street), near Herald Square. We’ve teamed up with prominent 3D printing brands and have displayed some of the finest machines, which have garnered critical acclaim in MAKE Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing late 2012.

3DEA is inviting you for an intimate tour of the store with our expert digital fabrication specialist and industrial designer, Arthur Young-Spivey. He’ll walk you through our various 3D printer displays, including, the Netherlands-based Ultimaker, the Brooklyn-based Solidoodle and more!

We are also prepared to offer your company a fully-assembled Ultimaker 3D printer and 1 spool of 125m Printbl PLA plastic. A value of $2043, but with a special 20% discount for your company, we’re giving it to you for $1680.

Please let me know if you’re company is interested in visiting 3DEA before February 16th. Contact us at We look forward to seeing you!


Thanks for the info - can you fwd all participating companies to our #makemunich Maker Faire please, we’re still searching for Sponsors. And it would be awesome to have our own TempPrintShop in Munich, Germany - if you see a way how this could be achieved, that would be epic!