Today I've seen on kickstarter another project on a ceramic extruder.

(Gentili Giuliano) #1

Today I’ve seen on kickstarter another project on a ceramic extruder. This project is called Cerambot. My bigger concern about this project is that it looks to me to be likely to be a scam. There was another clay project on kickstarter one year ago, and they disappeared with the money leaving no infos. Moreover this project seems to be too cheap to be true (complete printer is less than 400 € that is a price low also for a chinese conventional kit).
What is your opinion? Anybody in this community printing with clay?(there are some prototypes of clay extruders around but they don’t seem a widely spread technology)

(Jon Gritton) #2

I’ve long thought that Kickstarter is a place for investors, and by that, I mean people who have money they can afford to lose to back a project that interests them. It’s the “can afford to lose” bit that’s important, I’d never back a project purely because I want the product, there are just too many that fail for too many reasons.

(Michael Rainey) #3

Seconded. Kickstarter is not a purchase, it’s market speculation.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #4

I see a lot of clay and paste extruder designs on Thingiverse so it’s not as if people aren’t trying. I think there’s a legit business or two dealing with them, there’s nice videos on YouTube about them.

(Gentili Giuliano) #5

I asked for more tecnical informations, they gave me this link to G+ page :