Today is the first time I dared to have a closer look at the

(Stefan Petrick) #1

Today is the first time I dared to have a closer look at the noise functions. I linked these and that to MSGEQ7 data and…
dear god, I couldn’t continue working and I’m starring stunned at my matrix now… just wow!

I can’t wait, to get my hands on a SmartMatrix. Bring it on, UPS!
Videos and code coming soon…

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

Awesome! Can’t wait to see!

(Robert Atkins) #3

In totally unrelated news I just bought a couple of these MSEGEQ7s :slight_smile:

(Jon Burroughs) #4

@Robert_Atkins I had a bugger of a time trying to wire up my own circuits due to the crappy quality of chips I ordered. Its funny because I got them specifically so I could play with Stephans code…waa waa waaaaaaah

There was a ton of noise in the circuit, so I opted for FFT on a Teensy 3.1 instead. The thing doesn’t even bat an eye at 256 packets of EQ data while pumping out data to my LPD8806’s. Just a thought…

(Jon Burroughs) #5

ohh, and I used the Audio Shield for the Teensy 3.1. The shield has a great library with great examples for FFT

(Robert Atkins) #6

Thanks for the tip, we’ll see how I go.

(Ashley M. Kirchner [Norym]) #7

@Jon_Burroughs , have you tried FHT yet?

(Jon Burroughs) #8

@Ashley_M_Kirchner_No Hmmm, I shall add it to this weekends experiment/boredom killer list

(Jon Burroughs) #9

@Stefan_Petrick Stop staring at your creation and post that vid already :wink: Inquisitive minds await!

(Stefan Petrick) #10

Well, I had done do so if I hadn’t screwed up my matrix yesterday… The right moment will come…

(Pixelmatix) #11

@Jon_Burroughs Did you use a microphone or line input on the audio shield? I’ve got one here waiting for me to have time to wire it up.

(Jon Burroughs) #12

@Pixelmatix I tried both options. I used an Auto Gain controlled Mic breakout board from adafruit.