today is calibration day in my eshapeoko,

today is calibration day in my eshapeoko, i changein x and y axis my Travel per revolution from 36.54 to 35.92, my Z axis stay very nice

I found I had to do similar adjusted settings on my shapeoko after measurement and calibration. It always bothered me the measurements were so different than the mathematical numbers. On the new 3040 I have the measurements were exactly 4mm per revolution when I calibrated so the math and measurements were identical.

That is nice set up! Did u do the dust shoe??

yes but i have a new one in mind, i can share the design cad if you want. I want to make one smaller because this one take 10mm in each side of my x axis, i want also to put a camera and a few leds in new version, something like this: to use with chilipeppr

That camera seems pricey at $57 (w shipping). Its only 640x480 but the images do seem fairly crisp.

To image such a small area, 640 x 480 might be plenty.
FYI, I can’t speak to the quality of this, but for $9… (+ shipping):

@Kevin_Hauser I bought a bunch of those cams for $5 each on Ebay a few months back. They work, but the image quality is not good, so I have not been happy with them.

@jlauer Good to know … do you have on you do like? There will come the time I want to use one as well.

The quality of the Raspi Cam is the best for the price. The problem is it’s bulky to put on a CNC and the cable isn’t long enough.

yes i see this camera, and maybe i can connect to my bbb, i remember also that drone guys maybe have little cameras with good quality, i have to do some research.

from the position of the camera in the dust shoe i will need a camera with minimum 120º: i found a seller with a lot of options: