Today I released the new ThingiBrowse version 2.1.

Today I released the new ThingiBrowse version 2.1. It helps you to browse the Thingiverse from your Android device whereever you are.

New features include:

  • Thing file download
  • Share functionality
  • Open in Browser
  • View your likes from the web
  • Search bug fixes
  • Improved networking and image loading
  • Several bug fixes and performance optimizations

I hope you enjoy the new version.

Also for IOS?

Cool, works fine

@Bastian_Schneck Thanks, glad that you like it.

I found a similair app for the iphone.

It’s called “PrintAbles”

Though they seem to SELL our models. If i want to download my own designs, i have to pay 1,79 euro.(per part or file)

That can’t be legal right?

I just tested the app as well. I am not an expert in Creative Commons licensing but unless the designs are not defined as Non-Commercial then it might be okay to make money of them in some way. If they are attributed with NC then it might be illegal. His business model is that you would pay for being able to download the Thing files. I personally wouldn’t pay for his “service” since the app isn’t really good either. If you are in doubt you should give feedback to Thingiverse, they are able to give you more information about this topic. @MakerBot1

Thanks, that is good info!

Allthough, when i went back to the app after posting this message, it doesn’t seem to contain the shopping cart. All models just can be downloaded to the dropbox. I did not buy anything…?!?