Today I had a fun practical print for a teacher.

(Kyle Taylor) #1

Today I had a fun practical print for a teacher. She lost 2 of the original stand legs (green picture) for a small artificial Christmas Tree. She asked if I could help. So I grabbed a ruler, calipers and Tinkercad. (Fusion crashes on my work PC.)

The prototype fit and worked perfectly.

Happy Holidays!

(Ben Malcheski) #2

Den outta den

(Kevin Danger Powers) #3

I see they match the original color perfectly! Lol.

(Kurt Wendt) #4

@Kevin_Danger_Powers Does that really matter??? I say - NO WAY!!!

(Kurt Wendt) #5

Kyle - Awesome work!!! This is yet another PERFECT Example of how a 3DP can be used - with a simple bit of 3D Design work - to solve a problem! I’m sure the teacher was DAMN WELL THRILLED by what you created - and could not give a Damn about the colors not matching. Hell - print one or more of the same color and even replace the leg she Did NOT lose - so that the unit looks more consistent. Just my 2 centavos…

(Kyle Taylor) #6

I told her all I had on hand was red and she was fine with it, especially since she uses a skirt around the bottom.

(Francis Lee) #7

Red + green = Christmas anyway.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #8

@Kurt_Wendt depends on what you think matters. Some people are anal and if all 3 don’t match, it’ll bug them. If you’re just going for functionality, it looks spot on to me.

(Thomas Brooks) #9

Stl? My tree leg broke as well and it looks the same

(Kyle Taylor) #10

@Thomas_Brooks Sorry for the delay. I’ve been offline for the Holidays!