To those that have started their Herculien build,

To those that have started their Herculien build, how close are you to being done? It’s exciting to see some running builds. I’m still waiting to start, so I keep happy viewing others builds. Also I’m self learning solidworks. What a powerful and yet complicated software. I hope I grasp it sooner then later.

Quite far from being done. I am working around a baby schedule so …

I wish I had SolidWorks (or Autocad), but I simply do not have $4k+ to blow on this hobby.

I’m just waiting on silicone bed and just have to hook up electronics very close to done

I’ve got lots of parts yet to arrive, and I need the weather to change to get in the shop to start the build.

@SirGeekALot I can hook you up with solidworks, message me personally. @Bruce_Lunde Yeah feel for you. Your getting the winter of your life time. @Derek_Schuetz Oh man, that must feel so good. :slight_smile:

@Gus_Montoya do you have anymore solid works hook ups?

Finally got to go to the shop tonight, but next three nights will be too cold…sigh…waiting for warmer weather.

@Bruce_Lunde Your post was beautiful. Weather is horrible, might help to pry to the 3d gods lol